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Never immediately wash hot pans in cold water!

Our high school physics classes would teach us that things tend to expand in heat, and contract in cold. (Remember that solids have rigidly-structured molecules, liquids have rather loosely-structured ones, and gases have almost free-flowing particles. And that solids turn into liquids, and liquids into gases, the higher the temperature.) It may sound somewhat Ivory … Continue reading


Joy of Leftovers 24 July 2014: Szechuan-Taiwan Noodle Soup

Quite possibly my most favorite instant noodle soup of all time has to be the Uni-President Manhan Dacan Malaguo Niurou Mian (滿漢大餐麻辣鍋牛肉麵), or the Manchu Han Banquet Spicy Hotpot Beef Noodle Soup. A product of Taiwan, it’s the popular Taiwanese beef noodle soup that also ranks among my most favored noodle soups, spicy miso ramen from … Continue reading