[Ink Stains] How to deal with your new life season
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[Ink Stains] How to deal with your new life season

The last three months have molded me into a woman who is both excited and jittery about 2017. From leading a department in a corporate setting, I unexpectedly turned into an entrepreneur who bravely agreed to journey through the travel industry. Of course, my past 13 months has also been about TDY and how the … Continue reading

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[The Market] The game of business

Innovative board game Upstart is an entrepreneurial startup simulation board game that the passionate entrepreneur-to-be can use to practice and grow their skills – as well as learn more about themselves – while having fun in the process. With its very realistic rules and wide variety of opportunities players can avail of per turn given the limited resources, Upstart is sure to help you refine how you would run your own business/es eventually. Continue reading

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Never forget: Contingency!

A key part of responsible planning – for anything from business to travel – involves contingency planning, or anticipating possible problems or deviations and formulating solutions addressing them. Since we are never fully in control of things – only God being so – it is reasonable and responsible to assume that things can and will not proceed according to plan – and that thus we as responsible persons must be prepared for that. Continue reading