Away with disposables… plastic and paper, that is

Get out and good riddance, traditional disposables. These environmental hazards are now so ubiquitous establishments the world over are raising awareness one way or another. The popular solution nowadays is to provide incentives for using reusable things – but what if they themselves are environmental hazards? No fretting – there’s sustainable disposables! Continue reading

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[The Market] The toothbrush that saves your teeth, the environment, and the less empowered

It may cost a little bit more, but you’re doing it for the environment and for the poor. Minka’s Toothbrush Movement is made from bamboo – a water-resistant, naturally anti-microbial material – that provides environmental sustainability. Plus, they support a Habitat for Humanity program aiming to provide sanitary supplies and training in communities that don’t have such yet. Continue reading

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Product Feature: Habi Footwear Classic

Habi Footwear promotes responsible living through fashion that is both socially- and environmentally-aware – as well as proudly Pinoy-made. Scrap cloth is upcycled into simple but attractive designs by women from several communities in Quezon City, Philippines, thereby reducing solid waste as well as empowering the less empowered. Continue reading