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[The Market] The toothbrush that saves your teeth, the environment, and the less empowered

It may cost a little bit more, but you’re doing it for the environment and for the poor. Minka’s Toothbrush Movement is made from bamboo – a water-resistant, naturally anti-microbial material – that provides environmental sustainability. Plus, they support a Habitat for Humanity program aiming to provide sanitary supplies and training in communities that don’t have such yet. Continue reading

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Product Feature: Think! Game

The Think! Game created by Reynato Sian is more challenging and better than chess with its more complex yet realistic rules not based on war strategies but on real-life principles that develop both intelligence and character. Its supporters call for it to be integrated into national education to improve individual, organizational, and analytical skills more effectively than chess: a socially innovative way to increase the impact of education with a concept celebrating local talent. Continue reading


RotD 8 July 2014: An Italian Breakfast Featuring Leftover Minestrone

Continuing my shameful run of belated¬†recipe-of-the-day posts, I now post the happy ending to my Italian soup run from the past several days. I did previously mention in my post on minestrone alla Genovese-Filippino¬†that I unintentionally made so much soup I kept the other half for very-near-future-so-that-it-won’t-go-rotten consumption; at the same time, that evening, I … Continue reading