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Product Feature: Think! Game

The Think! Game created by Reynato Sian is more challenging and better than chess with its more complex yet realistic rules not based on war strategies but on real-life principles that develop both intelligence and character. Its supporters call for it to be integrated into national education to improve individual, organizational, and analytical skills more effectively than chess: a socially innovative way to increase the impact of education with a concept celebrating local talent. Continue reading

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Daily Word (3 December 2014)

Bayanihan | bɑːjani:han | Definition The spirit of communal work and cooperation for a shared, unified goal. The concept of helping one out in times of need without expecting a reward. Etymology Filipino, from bayan (“nation”, “town”), lit. “being in a bayan“. Reflection Today, we celebrate the Feast Day of St. Francis Xavier, one of the most famous and beloved … Continue reading