Clearing ourselves of baggage
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Clearing ourselves of baggage

We have to be open to the idea that in this world that lashed us with pains, there is a path that leads us to those who truly care. We just have to open up our senses, be mindful of our choices, and be aware that if only we will believe in the good, great things will happen. Continue reading

To Self

[Self] Rest after eating meat for digestion purposes

In another simple way to help contribute to good health, consider reworking your schedule so that you don’t do intensive work (or at all!) after eating a heavy meal, especially one with meat. The energy used to digest the meat – which may take longer than for other foods – would conflict with powering you for work, thereby taking longer to digest your food. Continue reading

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[The Market] First Aid in a (natural) bottle

Uncle Frank’s Coco Honey is promising to be the new and effective solution to nutrition problems. It contains all the essential amino acids our bodies need, plus more, and is good enough to eat on its own. Take it on an empty stomach and realize the full benefits in minutes, and take it or apply it at the first sign of illness or discomfort and watch your body’s natural healing system spring into action! Continue reading