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The key to understanding everything, especially about yourself, is all about asking WHY. It leads to a deeper appreciation of your thoughts, words, and actions – and thus empowers you to live a better life well anchored on something eternal. Our entire beings are put into perspective: our underlying reason and purpose. Continue reading

To Self

Never forget: Contingency!

A key part of responsible planning – for anything from business to travel – involves contingency planning, or anticipating possible problems or deviations and formulating solutions addressing them. Since we are never fully in control of things – only God being so – it is reasonable and responsible to assume that things can and will not proceed according to plan – and that thus we as responsible persons must be prepared for that. Continue reading

Weekly Word

[Weekly Word] The niceties of social niceties

This week, we cover a concept that is both ubiquitous and very deep-reaching, especially in Chinese society, where it began. Without at least gaining a proper understanding of what it’s about, it will be difficult and awkward if not impossible to navigate through East Asian society. This week’s Word is “face”, translated into classical Chinese as 面 (miàn). Continue reading