Go for it, young purposeful live-r!

Perhaps some of us, fueled to take our passion to the next level, are still hesitant, regardless, to do so – for any reason. Let’s kick off a new working week in living out our personal responsibility and faithfulness with the message to go for it, to take the plunge, to understand that the biggest risk is not risking at all. I urge us, I dare us, to move. Continue reading

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What Christians can learn from The Secret

The Secret is actually very Christian – and the author and her collaborators even say so themselves. Positive thinking and the attitude of gratitude are actually traits we are called to embody as true Christians, through living a life of love and service to God and to others as our way of expressing thanks for all God has done for us. We indeed have the freedom to think our ideal lives into existence – but also the duty to keep it rooted in God and His purposes. Continue reading