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Replace flower gardens with 'food garden'

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The wonder word “organic” became a household name as the revolution of healthy eating buzzed everyone in the past years. From food, cosmetics, up to anything that may involve product from nature, people really prefer the word “organic.” Together with the idea of all-natural ingredients, health-centric individuals really…


The Heroes in Us

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Today, we celebrate a national public holiday whose significance is very, very special to us as a nation, as a people. Although they are not the de jureĀ subjects of the holiday,Ā thanks to the efforts of some of the people we honorĀ this day, the events that led up to 12 June…


OotD: 2014-07-05

The Philippines has a tropical climate that only becomes hotter and hotter as time passes by, and sometimes it becomes downright unpractical to try and dress up nicely. But sometimes, allĀ you need is a quirky addition or a pleasant combination of colorsĀ even with just a T-shirt and jeans to stand out and be stylish. It’s … Continue reading


OotD: 2014-05-02

We’ve all been talking lately about innovation in fields especially like business.Ā The term “social innovation” has become almost synonymous to social enterprise; the very essence of the technology sphere is innovation. It seems, then, that innovation is not simply a key solution to building a brighter tomorrow, but forms an integral, indispensable, and essential part … Continue reading