The Album: Kevin Kern's Always Near – A Romantic Collection

Always Near¬†Pros: Kevin’s first best-of album in 12 years – after 3¬†more studio albums – and first with a “theme” All 9 studio albums (except for¬†Enchanted Piano¬†and¬†Christmas) represented Certain favorites were included Always Near¬†Cons: No new songs, rearrangements, or rare tracks – not even “The Moon Represents My Heart” or “Because I Love You” 14 … Continue reading


Airing the Laundry (or A Review of Kokology: The Game of Self-Discovery [2-in-1])

For four straight years, during college, my classmates and I were made to take a “guidance testing”, which – as the name implies – was administered by the Guidance Department. There were also times when my psychology major friends would ask me to take a simple psychological test. Some of them were personality tests that … Continue reading